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There are now over 400 writers on Wildlife Articles, all adding a great variety of wildlife related content.  The aim of the site is to have a mix of British wildlife related articles, including interesting sightings and behaviors, posts on particular species as well as more ‘serious’ topics such as conservation news, survey publications, wildlife related press releases and interesting ecology related publications. Opinion pieces are also encouraged, as long as they are relevant to the site. We do not review or edit posts, rather it is a site designed to allow wildlife writers and bloggers a platform on which to reach a wider audience.

All your posts are visible in the same place and there is a profile under each of your articles in which you can add information about yourself and any links to personal websites or social media accounts. We link to all posts on our social media so your articles have the potential to reach over 100,000 British nature enthusiasts.  Posts also appear within the homepage and appropriate categories. Our social media profiles include @wildlife_uk and @wildlife_posts.

Author Page (with all your posts): e.g. http://www.wildlifearticles.co.uk/author/stewartems52gmail-com/

You can add as many posts as you like and on any topic (as long as it relates to wildlife, ecology or the environment).  Once logged into the site you can see your post statistics, which detail the number of views for each post as well as a total for all your posts.

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