Wildlife Park Using Wi-Fi to Care for their Animals!

Birmingham CP
Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park can now use Wi-Fi to help look after their animals!

As part of a government-funded and city council-run initiative 200 public buildings in Birmingham are getting free Wi-Fi.

Staff will be able to access detailed information and file reports about each animal whilst still in their enclosures, as well as visitors being able to use the Wi-Fi to post their pictures on social media and find out more about each species.

The new system means that it will be easier to compile data and keep track of any changes to the wildlife the park.

Les Basford the park manager said: “For our staff, it is helping us to refine our processes, so we can spend even more of our time caring for the animals, rather than wasting time logging the same data twice.”

He also commented that: “The free public Wi-Fi scheme is a win-win for the park, its visitors and our employees.

“When people come to visit, they can use their own devices to carry out research as they go round and upload to social media accounts any pictures or video that they take – making a fun day out even more enjoyable.

“We are extremely happy to have been selected as one of the sites to benefit from the free Wi-Fi access.”

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park is home to a wide variety of animals from antelopes to lemurs, and are participants in a number of high profile European Endangered Species Programmes. Many of the species they work with her critically endangered in the wild, such as the Northern Bald Ibis and Cotton Topped Tamarins.

Wildlife Park

Council cabinet member Lisa Trickett added that: “This is a great example of how the Wireless in Public Buildings project can benefit both citizens and the services that the council provides to them.

“We should be looking to maximise every opportunity to add value to our services and I am glad that the arrival of Wi-Fi has been embraced so positively by staff at the Wildlife Conservation Park.

“This will make a fantastic facility an even better one for a family day out.”

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