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Today we have a review focusing on a fantastic pair of binoculars; the Tringa 10×42 model currently on sale from CJ Wildlife. Above James Common (@CommonByNature) gives his thoughts in video format while Ian Towle looks at the model in a little more depth.

It has been a pleasure to use Vivara Tringa 10×42 binoculars over the last few months. As a wildlife enthusiast who tries to visit nature reserves as often as possible these binoculars don’t just offer a great viewing experience but also comfort. Compact and light they are easily handled. The image is crisp and clear at all distances with virtually no degradation in colour. The focussing mechanism is very smooth and overall these binoculars are a joy to use. There is a noticeable difference in quality when compared to cheaper binoculars on the market, particularly in the ease of use, handling and visual quality. If you regularly go wildlife watching then these are a great option and offer fantastic value for money.

Vivara Tringa 10×42 Specification

  • Magnification: 10x, Close focus: 2m
  • Field of view at 1,000m: 105m
  • Size: 135 x 148mm, Weight: 620g
  •  Special features: fully multi-coated lenses, lightweight

Tringa range

The range of Vivara Tringa binoculars on the CJ Wildlife website cover a variety of specifications and budgets. These include 8×26, 10×26, 8×34, 10×34, 8×42 and 10×42. Here we will be reviewing the 10×42 pair which at £249 is the most expensive of the range.

How do they compare with other binoculars?

Images are sharp and bright at both long and short distances with the quality of the view being exceptional. I compared these binoculars with a pair of fixed focus binoculars costing around £50. These also offered good distance viewing but they were simply not in the same class as the Vivaa 10*42, with the image being noticeably clearer and birds easier to identify at distance. The other most striking difference between these two pairs is the weight and comfort/easiness of use. The comfort of using the Vivara binoculars, due to the open bridge design and light weight, means you can use them for much longer time spans. At £249 people new to bird watching may think this is overly expensive considering there are numerous pairs on the market for under £100. It really does depend however how often you are planning to use your binoculars and for what purpose. If you are only using binoculars rarely and have a smaller budget then cheaper pairs still offer great viewing experiences. For example you can get the Tringa 8×26 for £75 (found here). These offer the same quality of use, being light weight and easy to handle, but if you are regularly wildlife watching at a range of distances then it may be worth your while investing in a higher specification pair. The video below outlines how these different specifications will effect the image quality. There are more expensive binoculars on the market which again offer slightly more in terms of viewing quality. For example the Swarovski Compact Binoculars 10×30 (found here) at £850 are at the higher end of the market and offer higher quality images at closer distances, with many birders therefore opting to move onto these more expensive models. At £249 the Tringa 10×42 are mid-range priced binoculars but offer fantastic value for money and the crisp image is more characteristic of high end binoculars. For regular wildlife watchers these binoculars offer fantastic value for money and I highly recommend them.


Due to the lenses having multiple coatings and being nitrogen filled they are designed to not fog up and be waterproof. I have been using them for birdwatching since November and have had no issues both in hides and for outdoor use. The large focusing wheel is quick and smooth to use. This along with the open-bridge appearance and thick strap that comes with the binoculars makes them a joy to both look at and use. Their lightweight also makes them easy to transport. The twist out eyecups are also smooth to use and add to the enjoyment and ease of using these binoculars. Although being small and having these smooth dials, the binoculars don’t feel in any way fragile and after 5 months of regular use have been very reliable with no issues.


Overall I have been very impressed with these binoculars, they are extremely easy to use and offer reliable viewing. Whether your budget is £50 or £300 I highly recommend taking a look at the different models in the Tringa range (Found Here). I am struggling to find any negative aspects of the 10×42 binoculars and for £249 they are great value for money, offering fantastic comfort of use and great visual quality.



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