What is Life Without the Fly?

Remember that pesky fly? You know which one I mean, the one that got squished and smudged on your window screen? Or how about the one that landed on your plate,

“I don’t want to eat outside, there are too many flies” you hear your children say? Or how about the raised heart beat and hairs on the back of your neck, when you hear that buzzing of a wasp sting coming near, only to find out it’s that pesky fly?

Well don’t fret, insect populations are declining! Get ready to eat tea outside in summer, bin those fly swatters and reduce water use as you don’t have to spend every week cleaning the little critters from your car.

With no flies comes no spiders too. You know those creepy, black, 6-legged creatures crawling into your room and sitting in the corner not actually doing any harm, but we are scared of them for eating flies and making pretty web designs…well no need to be afraid any longer! They won’t last without a food source.

Then, without these spiders, we get to say goodbye to those really not very pretty blue tits and bluebirds in our gardens. These insectivorous birds will no longer feed their chicks spiders, affecting the development of the young. This way, we don’t have to listen to their calls or worry our children will be deafened by their beautiful song.


No flies, no spiders, no blue tits.


Remember that summer garden I talked of? You lounge in the deckchairs. Dinner is laid out on the table and you munch away at the garden salad to the silence in the trees. No need to dust your chairs of cobwebs and no need to worry about those pesky flies! Sounds perfect that silence, doesn’t it?


But that silence would not last.


Without the birds and insects aiding with plant reproduction through seed spread or pollination, plant populations will decline too.

The fly may be seen as an insignificant organism, just a pain when trying to eat or when out on a Summer’s day. Yet without this little creature, larger creatures cannot exist. Insects are an important step in the food webs of organisms that cannot be replaced. Without such step, larger organisms which feed off of insects will not be supported and our green landscapes will eventually collapse.

Flies, like many small creatures may be overlooked by many; but in conservation it is known that their powers to prevent ecosystem collapse are the mightiest of all.

Don’t squish the pesky fly on your windscreen or your plate next time they come buzzing. Wave it away and cover your food unless eating it immediately. A small step and a small price to savour the lives and conservation of the mightiest organisms.

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