Weekly Roundup 18/01/15


This week has seen the temperatures plummet across Britain, causing chaos to transport links up and down the country and affording many school children a day off from school, it is in a hotter climate with in which we start our weekly roundup.

This weeks image is courtesy of Brian Gort Wildlife @B_G_Photography.

Historic Referendum on Malta Bird Hunts

Most regular readers of the Roundup will be familiar with the controversial annual Maltese spring hunting season which accounts for thousands of European migratory birds deaths as they travel to their breeding grounds in Northern Europe. They will probably also be aware of the numerous campaigns against these hunts. It was confirmed at the start of this week that there would be a referendum in which the Maltese public would be able to vote to end the spring hunts.

Birldlife Malta has called this a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to end the hunts and improve Malta’s environment. The referendum takes place on the 11th April.


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Change the Way We Test Cattle for Bovine Tb

New research has suggested that more frequent testing would be more successful at stopping the spread of bovine Tb than the culling of badgers. In the first large-scale model of Tb in cattle and badgers which has included the possibility that the disease spreads in both directions the  results showed that the culling of badgers would reduce the number of infected cattle by just 12 out of a herd of 15,000. In contrast more frequent testing reduced the number of infected cattle by 193 and showed that it could eventually lead to the eradication of the disease. Badger culling alone did not lead to the disease being eradicated.

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The Anthropocene Started with the First Atomic Bomb

We have previously reported on The Anthropocene Working Group who are currently deciding whether we no longer exist in the Holocene epoch and have moved into the Anthropocene. Whilst the working group has until 2016 to come to a conclusion, another group of scientists are claiming that the detonation of the first atomic bomb marks our entry into the Anthropocene. Some believe as there is no way to pinpoint our entrance into a new epoch, this may be the best marker as levels of global radiation began to rise rapidly amongst the frequent bomb tests that occurred in the 1950’s.

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Welcome to the Anthropocene


Return of the Big Garden Birdwatch

The RSPB’s Annual Big Garden Birdwatch is back! This is the worlds biggest wildlife survey with over half a million people taking part in the UK last year and you too can be part of this by giving up just one hour of next weekend and noting down the highest number of bird species seen in your garden. If you don’t have a garden don’t worry, you can still take part by going to a local park.

Find out more about the Big Garden Birdwatch here: https://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/


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