Weekly Roundup 07/12/2014

The nights really are starting to draw in and the country as witnessed some spectacular winter sunsets this week as well as a huge drop in temperature! I’m not sure if it’s reasonable for a human to declare themselves in a state of hibernation but I have seriously been contemplating it. If like me you have decided that hibernation is the best policy, here’s what news you might have missed during the last week.

Strong Hopes for Butterflies in 2015

Conservationists are hoping that 2015 will build upon the great year butterflies had this year. This summer there were several sightings of the rare  large tortoiseshell and continental swallowtail butterflies and experts said they hope with help of the recent cold snap they will survive their winter hibernation and emerge in 2015.  More intriguing is the reported sightings of the scarce tortoiseshell butterfly. Although the overall number of sightings are still being verified, there have been at least 30 across the country with conservationists believing many more arrived undetected. If these butterflies survive their winter hibernation and emerge next year it will be the first time they have done so since records began over 300 years ago.

For More Information: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/11277944/Next-year-could-be-most-exciting-for-butterflies-for-a-generation.html

Live Animal Circus Ban A bill to ban the use of wild animals in UK circuses was blocked for the seventh time on Friday evening, despite having the support of David Cameron, Labour and 90% of the public. In 2012 the government pledged to outlaw the draconian practice of transporting animals such as lions, tigers and camels across the country to perform. However after publishing the draft law in 2013 it has since failed to pass into UK law due to the efforts of Tory backbenchers. Circus-supporter Andrew Rosindell, along with Christopher Chope and Philip Davies, have repeatedly blocked the bill. Currently the UK is lagging behind countries such as Bolivia and Bosnia who have already banned the practice.

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New UK Funding for Conservation in Overseas Territories

It has been announced that UK Overseas Territories will receive £1.5million pounds of new government funding. Under the internationally renowned Darwin Plus programme, eleven countries will receive grants.

Projects which will benefit include; a seabird recovery programme in the British Virgin Islands, a scheme to save 300 species of insects on St Helena and a project to eradicate invasive rats in South Georgia.

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Chimpanzees do not have Human Rights

The appeals court in New York has ruled that Tommy the chimpanzee does not have legal personhood and therefore is not entitled to human rights. The Nonhuman Rights Project had seeked to obtain legal personhood for Tommy the Chimpanzee which would entitled him to be released by his owner. They argued that as the animals living conditions where selected by his owner it equated to unlawful solitary confinement.

It was the view of the law that legal personhood could not be bestowed upon Tommy as with personhood comes responsibilities. As the Chimpanzee is more akin to a human child compared to an adult who can be held legally responsible for his actions. As Tommy could not bear legal responsibilities he would be unfit to receive legal personhood. The court concluded that if the group thought current legal protections were insufficient they should seek improved legal protection.

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