This Tide Of Plastic

‘Our seas are changing!’

The life in our oceans, to the rivers we fish, to the food we eat have catastrophic consequences for all of us.

As I ‘amble and scramble’ along the river that meanders  then stretches far for miles; of ripples and currents, some stronger with each new wind surge, a content feeling washes over as I view from a distance a kingfisher that ‘flits and flirts,’ then perches.

For now he is safe.

A plethora of wildlife ‘duck and dive’ all day through our beautiful rivers.

My eyes though see the uglier picture that persues its winding course.

My eyes see the fishing hooks that remain at the bottom of the bed along with the bottles, newspapers, trolleys, yet most concerning of all plastic.

‘Plastic the menace’ is an understatement.’

I can’t help but wonder where to next?

I worry about the noticeable dangers we have all become accustomed to, and the creatures that rely on their environment, not to mention the food sources naturally provided for them becoming toxic.

It’s not just the damage caused by climate change but also the pollution invading our oceans.

I worry about the hidden dangers beneath the surface, the smaller organisms poisoning the food chain, intoxicating all sea life.

I worry about the ‘tide of litter’ strewn across our sands along the waters edge.

This debris then so wickedly distributed across the sea.

What can we as a nation do when larger plastics become ‘microplastic,’ making its toxic entry into the bellies of all living things?

As I carry on walking with a head full of emotion, I realise we are all to blame.

Hope maybe around the corner, as the government today have written up plans to clean up our oceans by limited production and use of plastic.

Let’s hope we banish it for a prosperous future.

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