Autumn Sun

Last ray of sun shines through the bleak fields

Last ray of sun shines through the bleak fields

Do you ever look at the Sun and think, ‘How sad?’
It is a feeling associated with Autumn.

How odd it is that the Sun, an everlasting and constant form, can be perceived so differently across the course of just twelve months.

There is the Sun of Springtime, always filling you with trepidation at the thought of the approaching warmth that comes from the following season. The flowers bloom into all shades of all colours and April’s showers help them to flourish. This creates the perfect cover for the drowsy animals leaving hibernation and beginning to explore the current state of their homes now that the Sun has come out to guide their way.

Then, there is the Sun of Summertime, cheerful rays beaming down upon us and lightening the hearts and souls of the indigenous people of Earth. The animals scuttle around the greenery, leaving paw tracks and the occasional droppings! The wildlife thrives off the streams of light and frolic around the patterns made on forest floors by the sunlight seeping through the leaves.

Next, there is the Sun of Autumn-time, whilst still bright, it hangs low in both the sky and our hearts. You look and think, ‘How beautifully sad.’ Perhaps it is the prospect of the light intending to bring joy whilst really bringing cool winds and a touch of frost when nearing the season’s end. At this time of year, the Sun reflects both the previous Summer and the approaching Winter. It appears limp in the sky and you smile encouragingly as it holds on and puts all effort into keeping up the light produced in the Summer.

Finally, there is the Sun of Wintertime, cold and frostbitten it appears bleary in the sky. It hides away from the biting winds and tears cause a blurry streak across its face as it distances itself from us. It slowly fades away from those in desperate need of its warmth, moving out of our grasp.

The last Dandelion clock counting down the last days of Summer

The last Dandelion clock counting down the last days of Summer

Of all the aforementioned perceptions of the Sun, the Sun of Autumn is my favourite. It is cosy and bright, yet woefully worn out from the hard work it puts into the creation of the best Summer weather imaginable. Autumn reminds me of Christmas days and Halloween nights; it is about family. There is something heartwarming about these holidays that give that fuzzy feeling inside, they may only be brief days but they bring so much happiness they could fill a lifetime.

For me, this is what the Sun truly wants. To bring a smile to every face no matter the season. Even when tired out after a long Summer, the Sun still finds a way of making us smile. The Sun in Summer is the perfect symbol of warmth and joy, yet you can’t honestly say that you have never looked at the Sun peering through the dreary Winter sky and not broken into a small smile?

Surely not.

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