The moth hunt is on – Moth Night 2014

Members of the public are being called on to report sightings of woodland moths up and down the country. During a 3 day event called Moth Night, organised by the charity Butterfly Conservation and partners, people are asked to submit any sightings of moths, in woodland areas and in their adult stage of the life cycle.

Britain’s woodlands are home to a number of bizarre and beautiful species of moth. However, most moth species have been declining for the past 40 years. The information gathered helps to build a picture of where moths are living and how species are progressing. A report of all the gathered data will be published by Atropos journal.

Richard Fox, head of surveys at the Butterfly Conservation, stresses the importance of the habitat for moths with 37% of the UK’s rarest moths found in woodlands. He goes on to express his concerned over increased habitat disturbance, such as deforestation, and what effect this is having on the moth population.

Wildlife sightings is lucky enough to receive numerous photos of Britain’s moths everyday so please do what you can to help us learn about the world of moths and submit your sightings to Moth Night now!

Below are just a few of your moth sightings over the past couple of days:

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Abi Gardner

I'm a Ecosystem Services (MSc) student at The University of Edinburgh, with a background in Environmental Geography. I'm passionate about ecology, biogeography, environmental management, sustainability and climate change.

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