The most popular articles and authors in December


Each month the most popular writers on the site win a wildlife related prize. One going to the author with the most overall views for all their posts and another to the author of the article with the most views. The top three writers in each category are listed below.

Over 100 articles were added to the site in December by a variety of fantastic writers. If you are interested in joining Wildlife Articles as a writer please click here.

Both prizes come courtesy of CJ Wildlife. Wildlife Articles readers can get 10% off orders on their website by following this link.



Most Popular Authors

First: Scott Thomson 6538

Second: Eleanor Daisy Upstill-Goddard 5716 views

Third: Kamperchris 2327 views

Most popular Articles

First: Cat catastrophe by Scott Thomson

Second: “We Only Get Sparrows”-Appreciating the Unfashionable Garden Birds by Emily Summers

Third: Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Continues by Scott Thomson

Congratulations Scott!

1,549 total views, 1 views today

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