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Flaviu – An Inadvertent Pioneer?

Flaviu – An Inadvertent Pioneer?

Almost a fortnight past, Dartmoor Zoo was the location of a daring escape. One centred on Flaviu, a male Carpathian Lynx, and his successful break for freedom. Slipping off the shackles of his...

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What makes a woodland good for wildlife ?

Most people would assume that any tree, even a few, would make a good place for wildlife. A couple of trees around the roads and gardens should provide habitats, right? Well technically that...

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Eurasian Lynx Reintroduction in the UK

Eurasian lynx, European brown bear and grey wolf all roamed the British Isles less than 1000 years ago. Due to a combination of predominantly anthropogenic factors, these large carnivores are now extinct in...

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The missing lynx – reintroduction to Britain

The campaign for the reintroduction of lynx to the Britain has been gradually gathering momentum. In particular, the Lynx UK Trust is actively involved. They are currently in ongoing talks with statutory agencies...

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