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What Can Be Done About the Overpopulation of Mosquitos?

What Can Be Done About the Overpopulation of Mosquitos?

Mosquitos, commonly seen as a nuisance in most parts of the country, might be more dangerous than that designation implies. Due in part to global climate change and local fluctuations in temperature, certain...

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So, what are Bee-flies all about?

A few days ago I went for a very nice walk around a nearby reservoir in what was unseasonably very warm sunshine. The warmth and light had predictably brought all the insects out...

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A Quick Guide to- the Goldenrod Crab Spider

The goldenrod crab spider, also known as the flower crab spider, Misumena vatia, captured my attention when I learnt of its colour changing ability. Such an unusual trait for a British spider, I...

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Can of Worms – Litter in the UK

There is no denying it, most people have littered in some form or other, most people hate litter, yet a small minority of people have done something about it. It’s a simple truth....

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