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Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis

According to the International Rhino Foundation, three rhino are killed every day from poaching. The southern white rhino has a population estimate from the IUCN Red List of just 10,000 mature individuals. Whilst...

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Local wildlife knowledge can save endangered animals

Local wildlife knowledge can save endangered animals

The graceful Dugong. Jin Kemoole/Flickr, CC BY-ND   By Leanne Cullen-Unsworth, Cardiff University; Benjamin L. Jones, Cardiff University, and Richard K.F. Unsworth, Swansea University From knowing where animals live, to which plants provide what...

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Teach Children about Conservation

Why We Need to Teach Children About Conservation

Conservation isn’t just for grown-ups. Teaching kids about our world and how to live it in sustainably should a keystone of their education. It’s important for their understanding of the world, and it...

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