Surprise Wildlife Sighting

Wildlife and humans are often seen intersecting each others’ boundaries. Often, these intersections cause a lot of trouble and harm to both the sections, whilst, seldom do they make us happy as well. Once, I happened to go for a fancy travel to a nearest city Jaipur (India). The city is well known of its fortresses and palaces and lakes. Whilst I was shooting the travel, inside one of the fort, my friend spotted something on top of the ceiling. It was dark enough for any one of us to see what was it. A calm look towards the ceiling made sure the presence of a bat. At first glance, it seemed to be one of the juvenile common bat. It was so dark out there, that taking a photograph of the bat without a flash, was nearly impossible. The bat was quiet and still for some time, but soon we noticed that as if it was trying to sniff. Some more shots with flash, to get a decent picture of the bat who had made itself comfortable on that ceiling. It was strange to see the bat alone. Usually bats don’t live alone.


Only after taking the picture, it was evident that it was a mouse-tailed bat. These bats are said to be abundant in India, but are not seen easily, as they tend to roost inside caves, abandoned or damaged sites, forts, etc. Mouse-tailed preys on small insects. Mouse-tailed bats are very much identical in appearance to free-tailed Brazilian bat, but are way different on characteristics. However, it’s appearance is much more identical to Wroughton’s free-tailed bat, which is very much rare and endangered. However, Wroughton’s free-tailed bats’ ecology and settlements do differ from what of mouse-tailed. I watched the fella for good 10mins, and then we parted and left it alone. The sudden unexpected encounter of such a unique specie made my day. This was not one of the encounters, which stresses animal or human as usual. It was a pleasant and beautiful.


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Kalyan Choudhury
Here, I come forward to be another set of eye for you to explore, India. I go from crowd to corners, urban to wild, and from easy accessible to extreme, to get something different, something exciting, extreme wild, that's what makes me a wildlife photographer, perhaps a story teller.
Kalyan Choudhury

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