Sites of Special Scientific Interest to be protected from fracking

Earlier this year it seemed as though the UK government was going back on it’s pre-election promise of protecting Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) from fracking. Back then the government had released some plans for fracking locations, and had failed to include SSSIs on the list of protected areas, which include national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty. SSSIs are designed specifically to protect endangered, threatened and rare species and habitat, each SSSI has been purposefully chosen for protection because it stands out as an area in need of conservation.


However it was announced this week that the government would be taking a double U-turn on this issue, and will be adding SSSIs to the list of protected areas; thus preventing fracking to take place on the sites. Ultimately fracking is a controversial practice, that is not good news for the environment, however the protection of vital SSSIs was crucial and this is definitely some much-needed good news for wildlife conservation in the UK.

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