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Nobody is totally immune to the trials of modern life. Many of us can suffer an exhaustible existence at times.  It’s no surprise that so many people turn to nature for relief or distraction.

Henry David Thoreau, the American writer and transcendentalist philosopher once said, “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” I am sure many will agree that the wonders of the natural world can bring pleasure to the most disheartened soul. Whether it be spending a day hiking through the woods or hills, spending a minute silently watching the birds go about their daily chores, or by laughing at funny pictures of animals.

If you are a particular fan of the latter, you can visit for instant gratification. Check out some of the hilarious photos and instantly cheer yourself up. This annual photography competition, which is open to any body, includes animals in hilarious positions, pulling silly faces and generally just making utter fools of themselves. An instant cure for the blues.


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Ben Wright

Ben Wright

I am a consultant ecologist with a special interest in protected species and birds. I have some past experience in science writing. I formally wrote a science column for a local paper, and composed a book based on the column (Science Matters) which has just been published.

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