More To The Heathland

The heathland is there for everybody. P1240117It is good for the soul. It is good for visitors, and most importantly it is good for the wildlife that enrich it’s landscape.
But there’s so much more to this area,and we must preserve it’s existence.
It’s not just the fauna; the colours rich in purple hue; trees of all shape and size, and marsh regions.
It’s wider ecosystem has adapted and fanned out to reveal a vast diversity of life, within that, providing areas of sanctuary.

The concerns that need addressing are detrimental to everything on the heath; fires that burn ‘out of control.’P1240117P1240117When the area becomes parched in the summer months, the ground and plants become too hot; flames spreading quickly.However the biggest problem is arson.If we are to conserve this beautiful habitat for future generations, we have to tend to it now!We need to protect endangered species that have adapted to a new way of life.The sand lizard and smooth snake are seldom seen, yet they are reliant on the land.The plants that grow here connect our bees and butterflies; pollinators that enrich and bring new life.The woodcock and other ground nesting birds that rely on the marsh and the creatures that inhabit the ponds. There is more to the heathland.


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