Fox Hunting Fury

Once again there is a problem in the countryside and once again, this problem is centered around fox hunting. So what has happened now? Well, currently, police are investigating the death of a fox during a New Years Day Hunt in Cambridgeshire. Police were already present at the hunt in order to keep the peace between hunters and protestors. The Fitzwilliam Hunt, as it is named, reached the village of Elton at around 2pm, around the same time that police were informed of the death of a fox. Although this in itself is not classed as a crime, the investigation concerns the manner in which the death occurred and whether the killing was lawful or not.

Thought to be around 250 years old, the Fitzwilliam Hunt covers an area of approximately 600 square miles and meets twice a week during the hunting season. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (Sabs), who were present at the Fitzwilliam Hunt, claim to have taken photographs which show a member of the Association protecting the fox before its death. Despite the presence of an eagle at the hunt, which can be legally used during the hunting of foxes, the sabs claim that illegal activity occurred all day, through the use of dogs. According to reports, huntsmen looked and ‘encouraged’ the hounds who cornered the fox in a field.

A spokesman for the Fitzwilliam Hunt said: “The Hunt is aware of the press and other interest in an incident alleged to have occurred on 1 January 2016. It is not considered appropriate for the Hunt to comment further given that Cambridgeshire Police has stated its intention to conduct an investigation.”

This news comes not long after a woman was attacked when she tried to remove the hunt from her own land. Although those involved in this incident claim the attack was in self defense, the woman in question argued that the hunt were hunting on her land despite an agreement which said they would not. The woman was taken to hospital for treatment for her facial injuries. The worry for many who oppose fox hunting is that the New Years Day Hunt is considered a very high profile hunt, and if a possible illegal act can occur when there is a high police presence, what is happening during the rest of the year?

Anyone with any information on the hunt has been urged to contact the police.


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