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In a time where women were told that they couldn’t, or that they shouldn’t, one woman did.

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To many people, Beatrix Potter is a familiar name. Known for her beautiful illustrations and captivating children’s books, many people have grown up reading her stories – but Beatrix was so much more than just an artist and author. A brave, forward-thinking, independent and passionate woman, her incredible conservation work enabled the protection of one of Britain’s key landscapes.

My name is Olivia Frost and I am a 23 year old student studying for a Master’s degree in Wildlife Filmmaking in affiliation with the BBC Natural History Unit at Bristol. I’ve always had a lifelong passion for wildlife, fuelled further by my undergraduate degree in Wildlife Conservation. My love of wildlife and conservation has almost entirely been motivated by the inspirational actions of one woman – Beatrix Potter.

I strongly believe that Wildlife Filmmaking is the perfect outlet for sharing stories and truths about the natural world that really matter. As a result, for completion of my degree I am making a self-funded short film about Beatrix Potter and her conservation work.

Me filming for my course in Bristol

Unbeknown to most people, Beatrix ploughed all of her earnings from her books into preserving the stunning landscapes of the Lake District. Rebelling against the rigid and often misogynistic confines of the Victorian era, she dedicated her life to shielding Lake District wildlife, landscapes and communities from greedy developers looking to break up and plunder the land. Without her excellent land management schemes and conservation practices, we would not have the same stunning Lake District that we treasure today.

My film will seek to represent Beatrix as she really was – quirky, feisty and fierce! Using re-enactment drama and wildlife documentary content, I will bring her real story to life. I really hope that my project will inspire others to become involved in conservation and to really appreciate the beauty of the Lake District, plus the essential role that Beatrix played in preserving it.

Lake District landscape

I am also hoping to inspire and empower young girls to pursue their own passions, and to be encouraged to delve into the world of science and conservation. As a young female scientist, conservationist and camerawoman myself, I know from personal experience that at times this can be challenging – but Beatrix proved that with dedication and passion, it is possible to prevail and to make a real difference to the world!

As a result, I’m currently trying to raise some support for my student film. I am hoping to reach as many people as possible with my project and need to raise enough funds to make it. I’d really appreciate any support you could offer me and my film, however big or small! In return, I’m offering a variety of special rewards, including the chance to get your name credited in a film that will be shown to the BBC Natural History Unit.

Beatrix’s life story is a tale worth telling and I hope her actions will continue to inspire others to engage with nature and conservation, for many years to come.

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Lady of the Lakes Title high res jpg

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