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The decline of habitat for wildlife is a well known fact, but did you know that 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have disappeared? As well as 200,000 miles of hedgerows, natural homes and wildlife corridors for animals.

Habitat loss has resulted in more than 150 British species vanishing, including some that were only present in the UK.

But, you can help reverse the decline of wildlife and convert more brands to the cause by choosing products that are Fair to Nature.

Conservation Grade, the creator of Fair to Nature, is a UK organisation whose aim is to show consumers which brands are the best for helping natural habitats and wildlife. Their head of marketing, Jane Lawler says that they want to help rebuild Britain’s wildlife “through nature friendly food production.”

This means that any farm using the Fair to Nature logo has to contribute at least 10% of their land towards specific wildlife habitats. These vary from pollen and nectar habitats, wild bird food crops, ponds and woodland. (The full protocol can be seen here.)

They also plan to tailor the land locally, so in an area where bees and other pollinators are struggling more wildflower meadows will be planted, or if a bird species such as the bullfinch lives in the area the emphasis will be on planting more scrubland and hedgerows.

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These are brands to look out for at the moment, and others such as Waitrose are working towards becoming Fair to Nature. Also big names like the RSPB have pledged that from January of this year 76% of all their bird seed will be only source through Conservation Grade farms.

So to help save our wildlife look out for the Fair to Nature Brand!

You can also help by increasing awareness and persuade brands to be #FairToNature on Twitter and by checking our their Facebook page.

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