Eight-Legged Beauty

Most people, at the very least, have a dislike for spiders. They’re creepy, mysterious and make themselves comfortable in our homes uninvited. The fact that they have so many legs and so many eyes seems to freak people out, though others simply can’t stand creepy crawlies.

I, on the other hand, love bugs. I think they’re fascinating to watch and can even be beautiful. Spiders especially. The way they walk. The way they wait patiently in their webs. True, some can be creepy with their ridiculously long legs and the way they look at you from the corner of the room…But, that aside, they are strangely wonderful creatures.

p1020492First of all, they have this ability to spin webs of silk which are extremely lightweight, but, at the same time, immensely strong. It is common knowledge that this is their method of capturing prey, but a spider’s web is a thing of beauty. Morning dew caught on a spider’s web, emphasising it’s strong lines and radial symmetry is fantastic.

Secondly, spiders represent good luck – especially in the aspect of wealth. As a spider traps and holds it’s prey, a spider symbol is supposed to hold good fortune and wealth.

Spiders don’t appeal to everyone, but they are brilliant creatures and deserve more appreciation than they get. Once you get past their hairy legs and beady eyes, they can be beautiful – as long as they’re not in my house!

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