Do Social Media Videos Help Conservation Outreach? Help Me Find Out.

For the most part we are all online in some form and social media is one of the biggest activities there is on the web. It can connect us to friends, family and even complete strangers all over the world but does it help us to connect with nature?

As part of my Masters degree I’m trying to see exactly that.  There are so many formats of engagement through social media and many organisations may rejoice at numbers of followers or how many likes or shares they receive on a post. But how effective is this in drawing people to a cause or campaign? I’d love you all to help out with my research project on this and help future policies for wildlife and environmental organisations to discover:

Do online videos work in conservation outreach?

You can help by filling in a short survey on sharing videos online, your social media behaviour and your thoughts on conservation outreach. The survey is less that 10mins with an optional follow up which would be less than 5mins.  Please do consider the very short follow up survey as this will be a very interesting section.


As a thank you for your participation in the study you will be given the chance to be entered into a prize draw for a £30 Amazon gift voucher. If you’d like to take part please follow this Questionnaire Link to find out more.


With the ever increasing presence of social media and the rise of businesses and organisations on these platforms, does conservation need to keep up with the times and up it’s online game or are these simply distractions that take away from effective hands on outreach?

I’ll be back with an update on findings in October.


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Kirstin McEwan
Current Wildlife Conservation Masters student and former Environmental Stewardship graduate with interests in wildlife conservation and science communication

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