Cruel Truth About Cats

Photo by Natalja Smirnova

Photo by Natalja Smirnova

Many love cats, but not everyone knows how strong instincts govern them. These instincts seem cruel at first glance, but they are aimed at the survival of the strongest.

Last week my friend found a cat, constantly living in his backyard for eating HER OWN newly born kitten. Such a spectacle shocked him, and he banished her from his yard.

I decided to conduct a “murder investigation” of a kitten because I have never heard about these things being happened.
It turned out that according to statistics about 12% of newborn kittens that are fed their mother’s milk, die because of cats’ “cannibalism.”

This happens for different reasons:1.       Intuitively cat feels that the kitten will not be able to survive, being too weak or malformation. Cat can eat consciously this kitten and thus cleans the progeny of the weak kittens (inaction, weakness, and reduced temperature which indicates the disease). In the wild, a cat eats kittens because of the desire to survive healthy offspring – when little food and a lot of hungry mouths it becomes heavier to survive. If you reduce the number of consumers, it will increase the chance to survive healthy individuals. During eating kittens, thus reducing the number of sick animals, and hence reduces the probability of disease in other kittens.2.       Usually, during the labor cats eating stillborn kittens. Cat with the placenta may accidentally eat a kitten or inflict damage, especially if the kitten has a large umbilical hernia.

3.      Eclampsia (galactopyra) – acute neurologic disease of pregnant and lactating cats is usually caused by hypocalcemia (decrease of calcium levels in blood). Eclampsia is an acute, life-threatening condition, which means that the cat is given a choice – either she or kittens. To increase the level of calcium in the blood and to save his own life, the cat has to eat one of the kittens (or more). In order to prevent eating kittens need calcium to give a cat before labor and after (need to consult with your veterinarian).

4.      Most commonly cat eats kittens in nervous, restless state. Under the influence of the stress that occurs due to excessive noise, large crowds, frequent visitors, malnutrition, the cat may get scared and try to protect her kittens by eating them. To prevent this you must eliminate the source of stress and ensure its good food and maybe even give tranquilizers that will have a beneficial effect on the animal.

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