Charles Darwin Theory of Natural Selection – Tree of life Documentary Review

This captivating and fascinating documentary, I have learnt a lot about Darwin’s theory of evolution via natural selection; and the difficulties Darwin endured whilst, trying to publish his remarkable findings.

There are an estimated amount of 6-100 million different species including, hundreds of variations even within the same population of species including 200 variations of Monkey and even 1000 variations of bats. However, Darwin’s future theory would always cause conflict within the strongly religious world that he lived in, as the creation story from Genesis was believed and followed for 2000 years before Darwin’s opposing theory was believed along with sufficient evidence.

On September 18th 1845, Darwin reached the Galapagos Islands after four years voyaging on HMS Beagle and discovered species, that were found nowhere else in the world, Darwin found by the shapes of the Giant Tortoise shell you could work out their location of origin and from his unique findings on the Galapagos Island, Darwin took samples of the living organisms and sent his samples to be classified and sent them to a profound naturalist –

Richard Owen. Darwin, found evidence of hi theory of Natural Selection by the beaks of the finches founded on the Galapagos Islands, as their beaks variated depending on their food source and their habitat – as shown below:

The Platypus is a modern day evidence of these links between the species groups, as instead of having feathers it has fur as the Platypus is half Mammal and half Reptile; however the Platypus separates itself from all other Mammals but one, as it lays eggs.

Darwin’s theory of intermediate forms between species groups, was further evidenced by, fossils and living organisms. Darwin stated that all life started in microscopic forms and evolved.

In the 1960’s, Gregor Mendel discovered the mechanisms of inheritance by his study on the pea plant. In addition to this, the discovery of genes evidenced Darwin’s theory of Evolution via Natural Selection and also, evidenced that genetics were evidence of relationships between the species for example; species could be related such as: the Kangaroo is related to the Koala and this vital finding means that, all life is related.




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