Celebrating National Badger Day

Today (October the 6th) marks National Badger Day, a day to celebrate, highlight and work to protect one of Britain’s oldest mammals, the badger. The badger has been present in our countryside for up to 400,000 years and is a key part of the ecosystem that surrounds us.

National Badger Day is not designed as a political statement , it is purely to encourage awareness and education on badgers in the UK. However the reality is that badgers in Britain continue to be persecuted, this badger day we must recognise the importance of badgers on our landscape and learn a lesson from history. When a species is not adequately protected, and the Government allows it to be legally killed, it sets a dangerous precedent, altering public opinion and shifting the species into decline, we must not allow badgers to join the list of British mammals that are now extinct from our countryside.


There are a number of badger themed events happening up and down the country. As I said National Badger Day is a day purely to celebrate one of our wonderful native mammals.

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