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Greater Mouse Eared Bat



England is home to 17 of the world’s 2000 species of bats, but the population of bat numbers here in the UK has decreased significantly during the last hundred years. Such an example is the now endangered and previously thought extinct in the British Isles, Greater Mouse Eared Bat.

The Greater Mouse Eared Bat is one of the larger members of the bat family, weighing up to 45 grams and is therefore one of the largest European bats, yet still struggles to survive in Britain.

In fact, bat species are in need of such help in the UK that ALL UK bats and roosts are protected by Government Law, making it illegal to harm or disturb them.

Why is this happening?

One major factor is deforestation. Urban growth is paving habitation for the human population, but decreasing it for our flying friends of the night.

Bats, like many other elusive nocturnal creatures, are often overlooked within the media and are represented poorly in comparison to other forms of British wildlife.

Bats, much like bees, act as pollinators, are seed dispersers, and are also a form of pest control, playing vital roles in many environments not just in the UK, but around the entire globe.

What can be done?

There are many ways to help Britain’s bats, such as raising awareness of their endangered numbers and the requirement for stiffer conservation support. There are a number of groups which invest in bat monitoring and conservation research, the seriousness of bat crime, and the importance of education, to highlight this beloved member of British Wildlife.

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