“Before The Flood”

Social media does have its uses. A few weeks ago on Facebook I saw an advertisement by National Geographic for a new documentary, “Before the Flood”. It looked interesting but it wasn’t until I read various comments about it that I sat down with a cup of tea one dark rainy evening to watch it.

And I’m very glad that I did.

Leonardo DiCaprio leads the viewer on a journey, his own journey, into learning more about the very real issue of climate change, what is causing it, the visible effects it has created so far, likely problems within the next few decades, and how ‘developed’ countries can lead the way forward in working towards halting this change. It is an incredible journey and all the more eye-opening because this is a documentary that doesn’t tell you information by someone who ‘knows’ everything before it even begins; you learn for yourself alongside Leonardo as the programme moves from place to place, issue, to issue.

“Before the Flood” joins artic expedition scientists looking at glaciers, speaks with world leaders on their concerns and problems with energy in developing and developed worlds alike, looks at how small islands and America’s coastlines are already suffering, and visits wildlife reserves where our insatiable need for energy and foods are destroying our rainforests at an alarming rate.

The irony is that Leonardo jetted halfway around the world to produce this documentary, but he readily admits that his carbon footprint is likely much higher than most and at least he is starting to consider what he can do to reduce it – and I think that the insight and education that “Before the Flood” brings is valuable.

This link should take you to an active video of this documentary – “Before the Flood“. If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest that you do.

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