Badgers Face Yet More Onslaught


The failing badger culls are to be extended to Devon, Cornwall and Herefordshire.


I do not consider myself an animal rightist nor do I consider myself a human rightist, instead I consider myself a passionate, sane person in an increasingly dispassionate and insane world.  I’m not a sit on the fence type and I certainly am not going to tinkle around the edges trying to write balanced articles about unbalanced issues, this is my article and I shall say the truth as I know and believe it.

It came as no surprise when I found out that our government has once more ignored public opinion and decided to roll out the unscientific, ill prepared and failing badger cull to near enough the whole of the south west, consuming Cornwall and the county of Devon as well as Herefordshire and the current Somerset, Dorset and Gloucestershire zones.

There is no proof whatsoever that the ‘trial’ cull zones have done anything to eradicate TB in their areas and instead there seems to be some evidence suggesting the opposite effect, causing TB to rise on the edges of the current cull zones.  Despite the cull zones being kept a secret for ‘security’ purposes, within the borders of what Stop The Cull believe to be the Dorset cull zone, 8 new herds became infected after the start of culling in that area.  Farmers have consistently been warned by real scientists that perturbation will only worsen the already dire situation and yet, the cull rolls on.

According to the BBC, the culls so far have cost the taxpayer around £16.8m, which seems like a huge amount of money to be spending on something that doesn’t work in the short term let alone the long term.  Alternatively, a smaller amount of that money could have been used to support a vaccination programme across the country.  This would have at least sorted out the badgers but we’re still a long way from getting farmers to clean up their act and start improving bio-security standards.

I’m sick of hearing that rubbish, same old argument that sounds something like “we used to have control of TB before badgers were protected, back when farmers could keep control, out of the public eye and on the down low”.  Firstly, badgers still to this day face persecution and I know that for a fact, as I have seen the evidence out in the countryside when sett surveying but secondly, farming was a lot less intensive on both the countryside and livestock back then, before badgers were protected.

In the modern mechanised world it’s easier to transport cattle, causing TB to spread more easily but also the dairy industry has become so efficient at turning cows into living factories, their bodies are under so much pressure, it wouldn’t be surprising if cattle were generally more susceptible to disease under these stresses.  I’m not aware if this has been researched or not.

After months of walking around the countryside you soon learn that not all farmers are the delightful, animal loving, guardians of our countryside that we are made to believe.  I’ve witnessed some horrific farms where cattle tread through layers of their own faeces daily and yet it’s the badger’s fault that TB is rising?  If bio-security standards were improved and reinforced to keep farmyards clean and sterile, it would certainly be heading in the right direction to taking control of the TB dilemma in the correct way.

The trusted guardians of our countryside.

The trusted ‘guardians of our countryside’ incorrectly disposing of deceased livestock.  An example of unacceptable bio-security measures.

Nevertheless, there is no longer any time to be debating the wrongs and the wrongs of this cull, there is work to do!  If you’re left stunned and outraged then do not hesitate to get involved.  There is always something for everyone and there are dozens of facebook pages informing you about the many ways in which you can help to prevent this madness.  After all it’s down to the people to protect and conserve this protected species as it’s evident that our government wants to press on with the highly controversial and incredibly unscientific badger cull.

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