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How Pollution Affects Animals in Our World

All living things depend on Mother Earth for everything from food and water to shelter and so much more. Without the proper resources, the quality of life for humans and other living things...

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How Wildfires Affect Wildlife

The news often shows us images of areas devastated by wildfires. We see steaming forests and shells of homes, of course, but we rarely see how animals fare in the face of ecosystem...

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How to Protect Animals in Suburban Areas

In Philadelphia, inside the city limits but outside the downtown area, you start to see a few trees. As soon as those trees become a part of the neighborhood, you may notice that...

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Best Places to Camp to Learn to Appreciate Wildlife

Camping is a great way to appreciate the natural world. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of birds and wind through the trees, rather than the whirring of cars and...

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What Can Be Done About the Overpopulation of Mosquitos?

What Can Be Done About the Overpopulation of Mosquitos?

Mosquitos, commonly seen as a nuisance in most parts of the country, might be more dangerous than that designation implies. Due in part to global climate change and local fluctuations in temperature, certain...

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Feed birds

Do We Need to Feed Birds More in Winter?

Birds have a tough time in the winter months. Some will need to fly hundreds or thousands of miles south, to where the food is plentiful, and the air is warm. Others will...

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Can Camping Help the Environment?

There’s nothing quite like pitting yourself against the wilderness while you’re camping. It’s just you against nature, with only the gear you can carry on your back. Camping can also help you connect...

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Teach Children about Conservation

Why We Need to Teach Children About Conservation

Conservation isn’t just for grown-ups. Teaching kids about our world and how to live it in sustainably should a keystone of their education. It’s important for their understanding of the world, and it...

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