Author: Ally Russell

Why Are Badgers So Active In February?

Why Are Badgers So Active In February?

As the winter draws to a close, one of Britain’s most beloved animal starts emerging from their winter slumber. Badgers do no hibernate but may sleep for several days at a time and...

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Why Birds Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses

Varying intensities of sunlight, how does this effect avain species and their response to climate change? Climate change is the biggest environmental threat facing our planet and the species which inhabit it. The...

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The Protection of the Ythan Seals.

The Ythan estuary is one of Scotland’s lesser known nature reserves. The estuary sits around 10 miles north of Aberdeen. The estuary composes of a northern and southern sandy shores. The southern shore...

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Conflicts facing Seal populations in the UK

Seals are frequent visitors to the coastlines of Britain and Northern Ireland. They use a wide variety of different coastal habitats from sandy beaches to rocky shores. Britain’s seal populations are present all year...

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Evidence of a Badger Sett

Badgers are fluffy and adorable creatures and one of the most elusive mammals which inhabit the British countryside. Badgers conservation is a source of conflict between land owners such as farmers to foresters. Badgers are...

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