Adding Articles

Posting articles is very easy, once logged in simply click on ‘posts’ and then ‘add new’. Apart from adding content the only other aspect is to add appropriate tags and categories. Simply tick the appropriate categories on the right hand side, if you think there is a major category missing please feel free to add it. Tags can be anything you think should be highlighted (e.g. Category: birds; Tag: blue tit). If you mention a particular species or place please add these as tags.                

We also run wildlife sightings ( and each article will be linked to on the appropriate accounts as well as the main wildlife articles Twitter (, so each article has the potential to reach over 90,000 nature enthusiasts. If you are on Twitter and Tweet your articles, please include @wildlife_posts for us to share, this is a fantastic way for followers to then follow or ask questions to the author directly.            

We recommend using Twitter photos from our accounts as there is a great variety and they can be simply embedded. To embed images you need to change to ‘text’. On the top right corner, on an add post page, there is an option to have it in ‘visual’ or ‘text’, change to text and then add the twitter embedded code (by coping and pasting: for example above this photo there is a ‘more’ option, click on this and then select ’embed tweet’ Then simply change back to ‘visual’ mode and the Tweet should appear (although don’t worry if it doesn’t as sometimes it only shows up after publication). If you are using a photo or diagram that is not on Twitter then you need to click on ‘add media’ located between the post and the title. Each post also needs a ‘feature photo’ which will appear on the homepage. To do this click on ‘set feature image’ in the bottom right of the page and then upload the photo that you have in the post (or choose the best photo if there are multiple photos in your post). If you have used a Twitter photo you will need to download the photo and then upload it.

If you have not yet done so you can join the site here.