All Talk

‘You’re all talk!’ That familiar phrase that most of us have either heard or used during our lives, meaning that someone makes a statement, indicating that they are going to do something terribly...

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Lockdown and the Rhino Poaching Crisis

According to the International Rhino Foundation, three rhino are killed every day from poaching. The southern white rhino has a population estimate from the IUCN Red List of just 10,000 mature individuals. Whilst...

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White Tailed Eagles Reintroduced To England

The white-tailed eagle, once driven to extinction in the UK, have now returned. The last pair of known white tailed eagles bred on Culver Cliff on the Isle of Wight in 1780, although these birds were spotted in Scotland up until around 1916. A combination of hunting and extensive habitat destruction wiped these creatures out. Now, thanks to a joint project from the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation Forestry England, they are being reintroduced back into England.

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Bug Mums- The Invertebrates that Invest in Motherhood

When we consider maternal care in the animal kingdom, we tend to hold up mammals and birds as shining examples, whilst regarding reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates as absolving responsibility, leaving their eggs to...

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Norwich’s ‘Bat Bridges’ Aren’t Working

‘Bat Bridges’ built over the Norwich Northern Distributor Road appear to be failing in their aim to protect bats, and instead may be driving them away. The seven gantries, costing £1m, were built...

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Project Tiger in India

Project Tiger in India

The success of Project Tiger The Project Tiger is a specialized program scheme launched in India in order to protect and preserve the Royal Bengal Tigers. This program was started back on April...

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The Golden Age of Amphibian Discovery

Did you know that currently we are living through the Golden Age of Amphibian Discovery? Since 2000 we have discovered over 2500 new species of amphibians and since the 1980s we have more...

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Isle of Wight Deer Conservation Newsletter 2019

Isle of Wight Deer Conservation Newsletter 2019

Isle of Wight Deer Survey During the past year there have been multiple sightings of wild deer on the island including this year’s offspring. It is mainly native red and roe that have...

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