Top 7 Big Cats of the World

Top Big Cats of the World

Big Cats are the world’s most amazing and most wished wild cats among the wildlife lovers and wildlife photographers. Big Cats were common in the early 19th Century but the illegal trade, urbanization, and poaching have dragged their population way behind they should be and In fact, many of these beautiful Big Cats of Felidae family are now extinct from the world. We now have only a hand full of them are freely roaming in the wild.

The most beautiful Big Cats in the worlds are

Siberian Tiger

Siberian tigers are the biggest member of the Felidae family and one of the prime and the largest big cats of the world. Siberian Tigers can be found in Russia and China.

They are also called as Amur Tigers and can weigh up to 660 Pounds. There are around 500 Siberian Tigers remaining in the world.

IUCN status of Siberian Tiger is Endangered.

African Lion

African is also one of the prime member of Big Cat family and major attraction of Africa’s National Park and Sanctuaries. They are the second largest of the Big Cats and unlike Tigers, they live in a Pride.

African Lions can weigh from 250 to 420 Pounds. The population of African Lions is currently decreasing, Only around 20,000 Arfican Lions are remaining in the wild.

IUCN status of African Lion are Vulnerable

Royal Bengal Tiger

Top Big Cats of World
Royal Bengal Tiger Big Cats , Img Credit @Sujaysj

Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the most beautiful and most loved of all the Big Cats and mainly found in India, Nepal, Bhutan and a few East Asian countries. India host a around 70% of total worlds Royal Bengal Tiger in their national parks and tiger reserves.

Bengal Tiger can weigh between 240 to 500 Pounds. Bengal Tiger is the biggest Big Cat found in India.

As per the last tiger census around 2226 Bengal Tigers are remaining in the wild which makes it an Endangered in the IUCN Red List


Popularly know as PUMA, Cougar is relatively smaller than the other big cats of its family and can weight up to 150 Pounds.

They are found in America and Canada and is in the Least Concern status of IUCN Red list.

They are also called as Mountain Lion and they prey on deer, small animals and rodents. They are shy in Nature and maintain a safe distance from Humans.


Cheetah is one of the most loved and favorite Big Cat among wildlife lovers and photographers across the globe. They are worlds fastest land animal and can run at a speed of 60 miles/hr.

Among all the Big Cats, Cheetah is the only big cats who cannot roar. They are found in Africa only. They are marked as Vulnerable in the IUCN red list.

Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion is smaller than African Lion and can be seen only in the Forest of GIR in Gujarat, India. They are one of the prime Big Cats of India. They live and hunt in a Pride which is usually comprised of around 12-14 Asiatic Lions. Asiatic Lion can weigh between 300-500 Pounds.

Only around 500 Asiatic Lions are remaining in the wild, which makes these beautiful big cats as Engendered in the IUCN’s red list.


Indian Leopard is the most loved among the big cats. They can be found in Africa, Central Asia, India and China. They are fast and a very good climber of the trees.

They prey mostly on the mid-sized wild animals like deers, sambhar etc. Usually, leopard are shy and not so social.

They can weigh between 60 to 180 pounds and are a powerful big cat. And they are categorized as Vulnerable in IUCN’s red list.

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