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Green Bridge of Wales 5156

Blowing a hoolie/hooley

How often do we use an expression, knowing what it means, but never quite knowing why it means that. During the past week, it has been blowing a hoolie.  The sound of the...

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Wildlife and Weather

Wildlife and Weather If you’ve been following the news, it’s likely you’ve heard about Hurricane Ophelia – the storm that’s set to sweep through the U.K. in the coming days. Climate change means more...

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Last ray of sun shines through the bleak fields

Autumn Sun

Do you ever look at the Sun and think, ‘How sad?’ It is a feeling associated with Autumn. How odd it is that the Sun, an everlasting and constant form, can be perceived...

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Artwork provided by Adam Murphy

The wind in the willows

Have you ever noticed how the wind seems to affect wildlife? On blustery days jackdaws enjoy eddies around church spires. Foxes and other mammals appear skittish. Gulls wheel up out of sight or...

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