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Crow vs Buzzard

“Meeagh” “Meeeeagh” Higher pitched than I expected a buzzard cry to be; three of them wheeling over the fields high up – 150 feet perhaps. I stand and watch, trying to remember the...

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Wanderings of the Glossy Ibis

A pair of glossy ibises have built a nest at a RSPB site in Frampton Marsh, Lincolnshire. Whilst the pair have not produced any eggs, they have been seen courting and displaying which...

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Pectoral Sandpiper

    Seen at the RSPB reserve at Marazion Marsh, Penzance, Cornwall in the last 24 hours. Taxonomic name. Calidris melanotos. This is not a British bird, they’re scarce passage migrants from America...

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Curlew Sandpiper

Spotted on migration near Penzance in the last few days. Taxonomic name: Calidris ferruginea. Green status. Can be easily mistaken for a Dunlin, but it is a little more elegant and a bit...

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Ortolan Bunting

Seen at St Levan, Cornwall, recently, an Ortolan bunting. Taxonomic name: Emberiza hortulana. An interesting, shy little bird it was considered a delicacy in France and parts of Asia. Hunting and eating this...

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Balearic Shearwater

Taxonomic name: Puffinus mauretanicus. This is a pelagic bird which lives at sea most of the year coming to land for breeding in the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean. It is bigger than...

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Great Shearwater

This week sighted travelling and hunting on the sea near the coast of Lands End, Cornwall has been the Great Shearwater. Taxonomic name: Puffinus gravis. It is on the endangered birds list under the...

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Cory’s Shearwater

Seen in the last few days at Porthgwarra near Penzance, Cornwall is the magnificent Cory’s shearwater. Taxonomic name is: Calonectris Borealis . Normally a bird of the North  African and Mediterranean coastal regions...

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