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The World’s Oldest Vertebrate

In 2015 the average life expectancy of human beings was 71.4 years. This seems like quite a good stint in comparison to some of our ancestors, but it is paltry when compared to...

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Maybelieve its got shark in it

There is an ingredient hidden, lurking in products much like the animal it came from. An animal that hides in the shadows and attacking from below. However, this pattern is now much rarer. Sharks are dwindling in numbers across...

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Blue Shark which was common in uk waters and is now the most persecuted shark

Where are the sharks?

If you asked a regular citizen on the street ‘Does the UK have sharks?’ I can imagine that the majority would answer ‘Of course not, don’t you mean Cuba or Australia right?’ This...

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CITES protection of sharks and manta rays

Yesterday, the 14th September 2014, marked a turning point for the protection of sharks and manta rays in the wild, with tighter regulations on the international trade of five species of commercially valuable sharks and all...

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