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Shooting seals on the seashore

It is currently rather miserable weather and not the time that many humans will take to the beach. Happily this coincides with the grey seal “pupping” season where they haul out onto beaches...

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A response to Cruelty Free International

Several of you may have seen an article this week by Cruelty Free Inernational called “Why is a Scottish university deliberately causing distress to seals?” written by Carla Owen. In this article she...

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Grey Seal & Baby 2

Seals Slaughtered by Britain’s Fish Farming Industry

Hundreds of seals are being killed to protect stocks of salmon and other fish off the coasts of Scotland and Northern England. This cull even takes place during the seals’ breeding season which...

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Weekly Roundup 30/11/14

Today is the last official day of autumn, although the weather hasn’t felt all that autumnal until recently. With the shock of black friday over,and start of the steep descent into looped christmas songs...

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Spot the difference: Grey and Harbour Seals

In my article last week I looked at where and when you can see marine mammals around the UK. One of the easiest species to spot are grey and common seals due to...

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