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Wild Thing

  The UK’s only remaining native wild cat is now rarer than the Sumatran tiger. The Scottish wildcat (Felis Silvestris Silvestris) or ‘Highland Tiger’ as it is affectionately known was once found across the...

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Eurasian Lynx Reintroduction in the UK

Eurasian lynx, European brown bear and grey wolf all roamed the British Isles less than 1000 years ago. Due to a combination of predominantly anthropogenic factors, these large carnivores are now extinct in...

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Orca in British waters

RT @drmtbishop: 2 Killer Whales from the Gills Bay Orkney ferry on Sat. Only managed 1 photo in the excitement! pic.twitter.com/ljkMyINNEW — Wildlife Sightings (@wildlife_uk) August 6, 2014 One of our contributors, Dr...

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