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Should we bring back Britain’s Beavers ?

  Beavers are back! After having disappeared from the UK riverbanks, a family now flourishes down in Devon in the South West and a couple of growing populations reside up in Scotland. Considered a...

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Selfish Selfies

Tiger selfies and lion walking are the hottest trends on social media. Exotic pet trade is at an all time high. People love wild animals, but this way of loving them does just...

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UK mammals back from the brink

UK mammals back from the brink

Following on from last week’s article about UK birds this piece looks at mammals in the UK which were once extinct or close to it in many UK counties and are now making...

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UK birds back from the brink

UK birds back from the brink

Throughout centuries human interference has had a substantial effect on bird populations. Many species became extinct in the UK before important schemes were put in place to bring them back from the brink,...

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