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Save the bees! But which ones?

75% of the worlds crops are dependent on pollination in some way or another. Despite the volume of pollinator-dependent crops increasing 300% in the last 40 years, there is growing concern about the...

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The Common Carder Bee

The Common Carder Bee (Bombus Pascuorum) is one of our most common bumblebee species in Ireland. The species is quite distinctive and once it is seen, it cannot really be forgotten. It’s also...

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Weekly Roundup 30/11/14

Today is the last official day of autumn, although the weather hasn’t felt all that autumnal until recently. With the shock of black friday over,and start of the steep descent into looped christmas songs...

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The Cost of a Pesticide Ban

Last week a report commissioned by three farming bodies claimed the EU’s move to ban the use of some pesticides could damage the nations food security. Yet others have welcomed the bans with...

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Pollinators, Plants and I

As this is my first post for wildlife articles I had thought I better start off with something interesting, something to grab the your attention. I also thought it a good idea to...

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