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Harbour Porpoise by Nicola Hodgins

Harbour Porpoises Starving To Death

Harbour porpoises are one of the most commonly sighted marine mammals around the UK; unfortunately it is also one of the most commonly stranded as well. A figure which has been steadily rising...

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Plundering and Pillaging of Coral Reefs

A small fishing boat in the South China Sea is attempting to catch fish to sustain their families and provide food to the local community. However, it seems this simple task is more...

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Our Empty Oceans

  The decline of terrestrial species is highly documented and evident as we are bombarded on a daily basis with images of endangered pandas or threatened songbirds. The causes of these mass declines are...

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Weekly Roundup 22/11/2014

One of the weeks top stories was the IUCN Red List and the 310 species which were added to its ever expanding 22,413 species listed endangered species. And much like the Red List...

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