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chimpanzee hand grasping wire fence

Animal Emancipation

Ask not what animals can do for you: could the next wave of emancipation be the recognition of non-human people? We like to see good triumph over evil. We like to feel a...

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The UK’s deadliest wildlife

The UK is not renowned for being a particularly dangerous country, especially when it comes to its wildlife. However there are a select few organisms that can still be described as deadly, whether...

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Feminists of the Natural World

The concept of feminism is an issue that has been receiving increasing media attention over the last year. With the launch of Emma Watson’s HeForShe UN campaign, and support from other notable celebrities...

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Orca in British waters

RT @drmtbishop: 2 Killer Whales from the Gills Bay Orkney ferry on Sat. Only managed 1 photo in the excitement! pic.twitter.com/ljkMyINNEW — Wildlife Sightings (@wildlife_uk) August 6, 2014 One of our contributors, Dr...

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