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The Hawfinch Irruption

A natural event is currently taking place across Britain that is genuinely exceptional, and rather exciting for anyone with an interest in birds. Every birder is well aware of the difficulty of finding...

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Blackcaps in Winter

I currently have a male Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) in my back garden, he has been there for at least two weeks now, probably longer. Every time I see him he is either rummaging...

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How did the toad cross the road?

Unsuccessfully is usually the answer to that question. Thousands of toads and frogs are killed on roads each year as they migrate back to their breeding grounds. This often leads to road closures...

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Radio-collared Red Stag

How far do red deer stags migrate to rut ?

When watching the spectacle of the wild red deer rut, have you too at times wondered just how far each of the different stags that turn up at the rutting grounds have travelled...

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Curlew Sandpiper

Spotted on migration near Penzance in the last few days. Taxonomic name: Calidris ferruginea. Green status. Can be easily mistaken for a Dunlin, but it is a little more elegant and a bit...

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