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Pollution reaches the deep ocean

A research paper published this week identified high levels of anthropogenic pollutants in the tissue of deep-water amphipods living at depths of over 10,000 m in the northwest Pacific, disproving the assumption that...

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Weird and wonderful creatures of the UK’s seas: Brittlestars

  The two photos above show two UK species of brittlestar; Amphipholis squamata (top) and Ophiothrix fraglis (bottom) (Photos marlin.ac.uk and wildlifetrust.org). Brittlestars are closely related to the well known, star fish. Starfish, brittlestars and...

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What are we doing about our plastic oceans?

Two weeks ago the Marine Conservation Society released their latest annual beach clean report, announcing a 22% decrease in the number of plastic bags found along UK beaches (mcsuk.org). This follows the introduction...

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