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A Spotlight on Himalayan Balsam

Of all the wildflowers I enjoyed as a child, Himalayan Balsam is one of the most memorable. Mainly because, in my youth, popping the little green grenades produced by the plant when it goes...

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Shooting for conservation: Does it help ?

In both the press and social media, there has been substantial feather ruffling and outrage about the large-scale shooting taking place on moorlands around Scotland. The aim, I imagine, is to prevent game...

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red squirrel

Squirrelling Away

The squirrel debate seems straightforward: red squirrels are native to Britain. Grey squirrels are invasive aliens. Reds are endangered. Greys are rampant. The disease squirrel pox threatens reds, while greys are immune carriers....

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How to get involved in citizen science and why it makes a difference

The concept of citizen science is not a new one and here in the UK there is a long history of scientific discoveries by volunteers or amateurs especially when it comes to wildlife...

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