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red squirrel

Squirrelling Away

The squirrel debate seems straightforward: red squirrels are native to Britain. Grey squirrels are invasive aliens. Reds are endangered. Greys are rampant. The disease squirrel pox threatens reds, while greys are immune carriers....

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Weekly Roundup 25/1/15

This weekend is the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Hunt, I hope you’ve all enjoyed participating in it as much as I did and saw some fantastic bird species. If you haven’t got involved...

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The Curse of The Zebra Mussel

Last year the invasive Quagga Mussel (Dreissena bugensis) arrived in UK waters amid the typical flurry of media scare stories. Billed as the single biggest threat to British wildlife it appeared the Quagga was...

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Status of the red squirrel

The elusive red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is an animal that is much spoken about but seldom seen. In the UK they are synonymous with the victims of invasive species and most people are...

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