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Woodland Wallabies

Arguably even more mythical than woodland fairies, are woodland wallabies. Having been imported to the U.K. for over a century to act as a popular attraction for many wildlife parks and zoos across...

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A Mighty Blow to LACS Conservation Credibility

In the eyes of ordinary folk, conservationists and animal rights activists are often indistinguishable. Indeed, both groups boast some pretty distinct similarities in that each, above all else, cares profoundly about the natural...

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The Invasion of the Harlequinn Ladybird, can you spot the truth?

The Invasion of the Harlequinn Ladybird, can you spot the truth?

‘’Ladybirds, ladybird everywhere!’’ and ‘’We are under attack!’’ are some reactions from the public about the ongoing invasion of the Harlequinn ladybird. It is thought that this is a recent problem but we...

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Fragrant flower or invasive thug?

We’d been walking for twenty minutes or so with plenty to see:  a wooded garden with a drift of early snowdrops scattered across the grass like confetti, the winter sunshine percolating through the...

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A Spotlight on Himalayan Balsam

Of all the wildflowers I enjoyed as a child, Himalayan Balsam is one of the most memorable. Mainly because, in my youth, popping the little green grenades produced by the plant when it goes...

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