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Hunting with dogs still a problem in Scotland

The Scottish government has recently published its 2013-2014 report on wildlife crime  (yes, it took them 8 months to write that). The report had some interesting findings, most importantly that wildlife crime has...

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Illegal fishing and China

I’ve written before about how wildlife crime is a big issue in China and recently it has become a major political issue. China happens to be very strict on illegal fishing in its...

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Hare Coursing in the UK

RT @countrymousie: Final hare of the day @HPT_Official@wildlife_uk#Suffolk#haremummypic.twitter.com/WmTRAEjQVo — Wildlife Sightings (@wildlife_uk) September 24, 2014   As demonstrated in this beautiful photo by @countrymousie, the hare is a widely recognised mammal found throughout...

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