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The Big Sleep of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

Autumn is a time of great change for our wildlife. Days get short, nights get long, leaves turn from green to orange and the cold sweeps through the country. For most, this means...

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Hedgehogs and Guy Fawkes

Tracking the decline of hedgehogs http://t.co/3yHds8AvEr … @BillOddie @TVsSimonKing (photo:@digitalwildlife) pic.twitter.com/8hMO7oboHO — Wildlife Articles (@wildlife_posts) September 22, 2014 With bonfire night in just 2 days time, many of you will already have engaged...

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Small hibernators – winter survival

As the cold, dark weather draws in and the rain patters at the window many of us probably wish we could hibernate. Instead, all we can do is put on a big jumper...

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