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Why does nature make us happy?

A new scientific report from the University of Exeter (read here) has been shared widely on social media and wildlife news sites in the past few days and I thought I might share...

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6 Reasons I Spend Time In Nature

I spend the majority of my free time outdoors: birding, writing, taking pictures, recording, watching and, occasionally, ambling absent any particular aim. For me, the wilds that lie beyond my front door are...

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*Originally posted in February 2015 on www.thereremouse.com So I’m reading ‘Red Mars’ by Kim Stanley Robinson. I’ve always been a huge fan of Science fiction (particularly Hard SF and Dystopian) and after recently discovering...

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Oak Leaves

Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku)

*Originally posted in December 2015 on www.thereremouse.com Take two trees and call me in the morning… Many of us work too much, don’t play enough, struggle with insomnia, fatigue and headaches. Many of...

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