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Frog in duckweed

Why should we save the frogs?

As an amphibian conservation biologist I am often asked ‘why should be bother saving the frogs?’, to which I often give one of two responses. The first is a short summary of the...

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A midwife toad from the population I currently monitor in Cambridge

Britain’s non-native herpetofauna

Britain is a unique island in that throughout most of the last glacial maximum most of the landmass was covered by ice – apart from a small portion in the south of England....

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Common toad (WildChildSco)

Our Amphibians Are In Trouble

Tales of localised and even global extinctions are, unfortunately, rather common in the amphibian world. Particularly in current times as humans continue to ignorantly erode biodiversity on a global scale. From the endearing...

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Burrowing Frog May Help Astronauts Get to Mars

The green-striped burrowing frog, Cyclorana alboguttata, occurs throughout Australia and can hibernate for months without suffering any muscle wastage, during which they go underground and wrap themselves in a cocoon of shed skin...

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Scientists Measure Strength of Frog Tongue

Scientists measured how much the sticky tongue of horned frogs attracts prey. The researchers from Germany and America discovered that some individuals can raise their own tongue to three times heavier than their...

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